Thursday, 5 January 2012

thanks lee

I can`t explain about him but he is the best guy ever!
i never forget that he says "you are one of us"
i felt so happy,because i came to australia 7 month ago,still inexperience about manythings.
but now i have a fucking cool and nice friends!! I`m so happy about that!
And I don`t wanna leave from them!
I have some problems because I`m living another country,it makes me fucked up...
but when I feel bad,they will gives me some nice words and I shouldn`t give up for me and them!!
I don`t know how do i say but thank you lee!!

I appriciate tonight!!haha like this photo!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


it was a amazing time at watson`s bay!
I`m still excited!!
Michelle`s sandwiches are so soo good!!thank you honey <3
can`t wait next week!!! will be amazing everyday :)
anyway a happy happy new year everyone!